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A 2-4-player 'brawler' about finding the Season Cube.

Touching the flying Season Cube will give you a point, but it will also change your season, which changes your character and changes your physics and abilities. All the players are in the same environment, but they perceive the world differently, based on their current season.

Summer: You play as the Sunbather. Soak up the sun and unleash a beam of light.

Autumn: You play as the Pumpkin King. Create bouncy pumpkins and run through falling leaves.

Winter: You play as the Emperor Penguin. Slip on the icy platforms and throw snowballs.

Spring: You play as the Raincoat Girl. She can fall slowly with her umbrella.

Controllers required for multiplayer. One player can use the keyboard, with Arrows and Z/X.

There is also a Commodore Amiga port!


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