A downloadable game for Windows

Defend The Night! A blend of resource management, tower defense, and bullet hell. 

Charge up the shield, manage your turrets (or jump in them yourself) and see how long you can last!

(From the menu, press the Up  or Down arrow key then Z or X to start the game if using keyboard, or use the D-pad or analogue stick and a face button to start the game if using a game controller).

Created in 48 hours for Kiwijam 2017.

Release date Jul 23, 2017
GenreAction, Strategy
Tags8-player, action-strategy, Bullet Hell, Co-op, Local Co-Op
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 8


Defend The Night - Update 2 2 MB
Defend The Night - Update 1 2 MB
Defend The Night - Original Game Jam Entry 2 MB

Install instructions

To open Fullscreen use Alt+Enter.

To quit press Esc or Alt+F4.

Development log


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Really cool game!
Loving the coop mechanics. Tested with 4 players.
Great tutorial without it I would've been a bit lost.

If you continue working on the game please:
* Increase the deadzone for the gamepads
* Give each player a different color or some kind of player indicator to more easily locate your player.

Thanks Supersmo! You're absolutely right about the controller deadzone, I was using some replica NES controllers during the jam so I didn't get to try it out on analogue controllers. It'll be the first thing I fix with an update!

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Tested now with 8 wired XBox360 controllers (just by myself octopus style) and it works!
Another detail: On my computer going fullscreen with Alt+Enter gives me a black screen.

By the way what's the current known record for 4 players? My kids and I haven't made it passed the U-shaped aliens at 123 seconds. Wondering if the increase in difficulty is a bit steep or if it's just that my kids are 4, 7 and 8 years old and can't give me the backup I need. ;-)

Haha thanks so much for the feedback Supersmo! I really appreciate it. Me and a couple of friends ended up getting so far on one run that some of the enemies stopped spawning so it's possible to actually 'beat' the game in a sense - I'm planning on doing an update to the game soon to try and balance it a bit better, iron out the bugs, add coloured trails to the players - and as you mentioned, fix the deadzones :) 

Guess me and my kids will have to practice some more then ;-)

Glad to hear that you plan to fix these glitches :-)

(Posted about Defend The Night in a Steam discussion thread about games for more than 4 local players: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/morethan4localmultiplayer/discussions/0/1546440... )

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Verified that deadzone is fixed and fullscreen works with the latest update :-)


Hey supersmo. Thought you might like to know I made a new game this year that also supports 4+ players :) https://radnom.itch.io/verified-horse

Thanx! I'll check it out. :-)

BTW is it easy to  make an XInput disabled build of Defend the night update 2?

I'll give it another shot - it's a bit hard to test!! You said the Xinput controllers were being detected as both Xinput AND Dinput simultaneously right? So if I simply don't listen for any Xinput the duplicate ones would work? If it's just that it might be simple, I can try give it a shot hopefully this weekend :) I might have to see if I can dig up 5 Xinput controllers to test it haha.

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Yes that’s exactly right. XInput controllers are enumerated both by direct input and XInput so if there wasn’t some kind of filtering out on the direct input side you would control 2 players in the game. Hopefully your attempt to “not listen to XInput” will disable the filtering as well.

The first version of Defend the night worked with 8 XInput controllers but the controllers were a bit too sensitive so some additional dead zone needed to be added. Hope this is a clue to get it working again.